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Friendly Reminder Regarding Homestuck

It has been quite some time since Homestuck author Andrew Hussie began the Gigapause in order to work on finishing Homestuck and some of his other projects. One of which, Namco High, has already been released to the public. Because of this, and the start of the new year, tensions are rising in anticipation of the ever-encompassing GigaUpdate, which Hussie has, to the poster’s knowledge, not announced at which time will happen.

So we take this time to remind everyone on the Tumblrverse to prepare yourselves whenever this Internet-shattering event occurs. As previously stated, researchers say that since the GigaUpdate will end Homestuck as we know it, they predict that it will be a Level 10+ Feelstastrophe, so we would like to ask readers to please tag any and all spoilers in regards to the GigaUpdatein order to be kind to other readers who try to read it in the very possible case that the site crashes from traffic overload.

We would also like to advise those who don’t read Homestuck to batten down the hatches since when the GigaUpdate does occur, an overflow of Homestuck posts and feels will more than likely overtake their dashboards.

Homestuck Gigapause Gigaquake

As the story of Homestuck continues to build towards its inevitable conclusion, author Andrew Hussie has called the start of what he calls the “Gigapause.” During this, he will not only finish drawing and animating the rest of the story (among other things), but afterwards post all of it (you read right: ALL OF IT) in one universe shattering giga-update, effectively ending Homestuck as we know it.

Residents of Tumblr are asked to keep an eye out for floods of “Homestuck is ending” posts and reblogs. They are also strongly advised to begin developing plans and procedures for The Day Homestuck Ends, which researchers are already estimating to be a Level 10+ Feelstastrophe.

Lighting strikes in the Homestuck fandom


Recent updates have revealed one of the most unsuspecting characters in the comic is fighting for good but may CAUSE evil. Non-Homestucks should make sure that their blocks aren’t going to get blown by the heavy storm clouds and winds that came with the reveal. Make sure to block the homestuck update and upd8 tags if it gets too much.

Storm damage in Homestuck fandom - extent unclear

Hurricane Hussie has once again made landfall on the coast of tumblr. In the shipyard, the HS DaveJade took on a lot of water. Crew members are standing by for assistance. The mayor of our fair city’s residence took heavy damage and his safety is not currently known. An all points disaster bulletin has been put out, but no one is actually reading it. Expect sirens to continue wailing for several hours.


After a long and eerily quiet hiatus from author Andrew Hussie to work on his video game, the webcomic Homestuck has just updated at long last. Expect to be bombarded by blogs that you thought were just fans of Off or Dangan Ronpa to suddenly throw off their capes and arise as the Homestuck Fandom emerges from the sea again. Frequent caps lock text posts about updates and screencaps are to be expected: Tumblr savior #upd8 for your own good!

Prepare for Hiatusquake

Sources warn that by this Saturday, Supernatural, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Homestuck, and the English Hetalia will all be on hiatus simultaneously.
All tumblr users regardless of fandom are reminded to prepare adequately for the approaching hiatusquake, by taking such safety steps as blacklisting all unsecured tags and stockpiling a healthy queue, as the quake is expected to generate a feels tsunami that will spare few if any dashboards, leaving a flood of hiatus insanity in its wake.

Dust Storms Rock the Homestuck Fandom

Tumblr user whatevachild posted unpopular opinions on cosplay, namely that cosplays outside of canon are bad/wrong, and that OFF cosplayers don’t put in imagination/effort. People are blowing this up; major wave of opinions/responses/reposts.

Hurricane Homestuck approaching in full force

With an utterly unexpected update declaring this to be “THE END” of Homestuck, fans everywhere are in panic. Though this is likely to be a false alarm, many Homestucks are hysterical. Avoid the upd8 and Homestuck tags if you value your life, and let’s hope this is just trolling.

Major Hurricane in the Homestuck fandom

Just following Homestuck’s 4th anniversary, Hussie has announced a hiatus to work on the Homestuck videogame. This hiatus could last several months. Be wary.

Bittersweet Rains in the Homestuck Fandom

Aside from the most recent update pulling at heartstrings everywhere with an extremely anticipated meeting not going as many fans have hoped, tomorrow is the 4th anniversary of Homestuck as a webcomic. Posts about tomorrow have already been made in the fandom today as the realization hits that this may very well be the final anniversary the fandom celebrates.

Expect a lot of Birthday posts for main character John Egbert, anniversary posts for the comic itself, and emotional posts about how the comic has touched the lives of different people.

You might want to savior “Homestuck”, “413”, and “4/13” in preparation for tomorrow, as it’s possibly the last Anniversary the comic may ever have.