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Beta Game Boom!

Lucky contributors to Andrew Hussie of MSPA’s Kickstarter, which has already broken records as most successful Kickstarter ever, are getting a previous of his promised video-game-making skills - not, however, of the upcoming Homestuck: The Game for which the funding project was purposed.  Instead, the preview takes the form of a beta testing opportunity regarding the second part of the latest flash mini-game, which has not yet been released in comic.  While this causes massive excitement, shock, and feels in the portion of the Homestuck community that was actually able to afford to donate, it has also been met with resentment from the lesser blessed majority who wish not to see the spoilers.

Watch out for dead serious threats to block anyone who posts spoilers, obliviously untagged screencaps, waves of changed icons and urls, and general unbearable excitement.

Hurricane Homestuck merges with previously invisible cloudfronts to suddenly explode in size. Mass destruction ensues.

Andrew Hussie, owner of MSPaintAdventures and author of sinfully popular webcomic Homestuck, has just released the information about his kickstarter, which, if successful (ahhhhahahahhaahahahahaha “if”) will be used to fund the production and release of an ACTUAL HOMESTUCK GAME. 



As you can imagine fan reactions are consisting of spontaneous sobbing, running into walls, fainting, and incoherent all-caps and typo-ridden posts that generally seem to indicate some sort of hyperventilation. Bystanders should run and hide if they don’t want to be trampled by the ensuing mad race to donate, as all sorts of Homestuck fans rush to receive the benefits and prizes given to backers of the kickstarter. (God tier donations can even earn CANON APPEARANCES OF A DONATOR’S FANTROLL. The more money you give the more you can earn with this, including the option for them nOT to die past the first panel, and for them to BECOME THE MOST IMPORTANT CHARACTER IN HOMESTUCK. Further prizes include Andrew Hussie acknowledging you on the Internet.)

The innocent are recommended to stockpile on salt as Homestucks sell their souls for money, which will possibly result in a massive uprising of demons and other nasty creatures. It is also possible that a sudden generation-specific economic crash will occur within the next 30 days. Hold on to your money, your wits, and everything else you can.


The long-awaited MSPA missile has dropped. Yes, you know which one. That one. And it’s for real this time. 

What reactions can you expect? Loud and clear update posts, short and to the point. And then a brief, eerie silence, as the readers race to the finish…

Take cover! Massive MSPA Meteor!

Homestuck has finally updated yet again after a tantalizing scheduled wait that has left many unsure what to do with their lives.  The newest page is a mindblowing and extremely intense [S] flash page which features a character who has never been properly introduced or narrated before. This page will certainly lead to thousands of heart-attack “UPDAAAAATE!!!!!!” posts as well as fevered plot and character theorization rambles. It will likely also be accompanied with the usual small tide of lets-take-a-screencap-from-this-update-and-memeify-it reblogs. 

Goggles are recommended, as any gifs posted from the newest page are likely to be very bright and flashy.

MSPA Explosions!

After a tantalizingly long break (a pre-announced haitus so baffling, in fact, that the Homestuck fandom couldn’t handle it and invented their own anime), the website MS Paint Adventures has at last updated with a MINDBOGGLINGLY QUALITY UPDATE involving multiple kisses, TWO new flashes, extremely perfect pesterlogs, and several dead people, including a severed head.

Expect the fandom to amass in wild cries of exaltation. Heart attacks are a possible risk. 

Epileptics are warned that the update is VERY flashy.

Massive Spoiler Rainfall warning!!

In Homestuck’s latest update, author Hussie ended up trolling us all once more. The character UU finally revealed a series of unexpected revelations which completely shatter most readers’ headcanons regarding the character and her brother. Watch out for all-caps posts, pic-sets, and a variety of other both shocked or excited posts. 

Curl up with some cake

A part of the Homestuck fandom is in a bit of a tizzy at the moment over yesterday’s update, which drew out a lot of reactions regarding the actions of the character Jane.

Posts regarding the subject will likely consist of Jane hate, or counter responses detailing why Jane does not deserve hate. Our personal recommendation here at Fandom Forecast is to go ahead and curl up in some corner with a slice of cake and favor whatever characters you want.

Minor flood warning!

Homestuck has updated with a new FLASH PAGE, which always starts a stream (whether it be a trickle or a waterfall) of update reactions, many of which are bound to be gif-laden. Put your goggles on and watch for robotic bunny appreciation posts!

Barrage yourself for cries of FISH HITLER and JAKE NO


The newest update sprouts a counter to quick-and-dirty fish pun Meenah in the form of detail loving Aranea, who has just recounted a lot of ancestral information in the form of quippy shorts. Prepare yourselves for Aranea appreciation posts and facetiously snappy summaries!

The addition of new dialogue has caused a hilarious and not very well-thought-out action by dorky ladies’ man Jake English. The fandom reactions are likely to be capitalized, and consist of mentions of a seadwelling Hitler and/or attempts to break the fourth wall and tell Jake that he should really not do that.

Unsuccessfully. Because this is Tumblr. And that is a comic.

It’s Story Time in the MSPA fandom

The newest update sprouts a counter to quick-and-dirty fish pun Meenah in the form of detail loving Aranea, who has just recounted a lot of ancestral information in the form of quippy shorts. Prepare yourselves for Aranea appreciation posts and facetiously snappy summaries!