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It’s Raining Cumberbitches!

The first still from Bill Condon’s Julian Assange biopic, The Fifth Estate (formerly The Man Who Sold the World,) was released today and with it came a rolling cumber-storm of epic proportions.

Yes, Cumberbitches will be flooding dashboards over the next few days and scattered showers are to be expected throughout the remainder of the film’s production. Benedict Cumberbatch’s startling transformation into Wikileaks founder, Assange, should be a heavy topic of discussion for Cumberbitches and film fans alike. Some will groan over the greasy blonde locks, while others will appreciate Benedict’s likeness to the infamous activist.

It’s gearing up to be a big year for Cumberbatch in general with August: Osage County, The Fifth Estate, Star Trek: Into Darkness, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Twelve Years a Slave, and the third series of Sherlock all set for release.

One thing is certain – fangirl tears will fall during “the year of Benny Batch.

We suggest investing in an umbrella. 

Gaimanites and Cumberbitches Earthquake Warnings

As a 6 part dramatisation of Neverwhere for BBC Radio 4 is  semi-announced and spreading from the twittersphere.

Benedict Cumberbatch Tidal Wave Approaches

July 19 is the 36th birthday of Benedict Cumberbatch. This British star of Sherlock fame is practically a god amongst Tumblr fangirls, who will be doubtlessly posting his face (and other body parts) constantly during the day.