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Possible tornado in the A7x Bandom

After the waves of anger about some fans prying into Zacky V’s personal life, the fans of Avenged Sevenfold are now in a state of confusion, frustration and excitement as today the webpage for the band changed to a radio, with the radio playing different songs. (plus a clip [audio only] well known already that is the hotel drunks [Brian and Jimmy])

The 13 on the dial appears to play only static and interference, which is what’s caught everyone’s attention. Also, with Brian Haner sr. telling everyone “A little less than 5 hours ‘til the big news!!! 4:15:13”, expect a tornado if the news is that an album is either already recorded or in the process of being recorded.

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NB: information is up to date as of 15/4/13 9:27PM GMT (Just in case this announcement does come out before this submission goes through)

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