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Possible Storm Watch in the Coldplay fandom

After more than two years with next to zero activity, the Coldplay storm is finally brewing again in the distance. With the release of their new surprise single, Midnight, along with the new change to their website, Coldplay fans are eagerly awaiting an announcement for an LP, if there is any at all. Please stay tuned as we track this up and coming storm.

Possible Oscar storms on the horizon

With the Academy Awards airing this Sunday, fandoms for the previous years films will be gearing up to see how their favorite films fared. Winning movies will cause a few small showers, but snubbed films will likely cause a few storms ranging in size.

For your own safety, do not engage with someone who might be angry with the results and be wary when following a liveblog of the event.

Hurricane of Timeless Proportions on the Horizon for Once Upon A Time

In thirteen days and some-odd hours (or sooner!) there will be a whirlstorm of feelings, gifs, and spoilers of the Once Upon A Time mid-season premier as the series recommences its third season on March 9th. Expect Shipping Wars. Board your dashes and fill up your savior with tags.

Come fly the friendly skies…one last time

Final recording session for the radio show Cabin Pressure is today. The final episode “Zurich” will be longer than previous ones, and will wrap up the show’s story line entirely.

Starting in 2008, Cabin Pressure had produced 23 half hour episodes, the last of which aired just over a year ago. Being left on the shows first, and likely last, cliffhanger.

We ask yourselves to please allow ourselves to assist yourselves in anyway, and ask yourselves to please follow all in flight instructions. As yourselves can see, the Captain has turned on the fasten seatbelt sign, so please, buckle up, and enjoy the ride.

Expect turbulence among the CP fandom today, scattered rain showers likely. Cloudy skies expected, and intermittent downpours between recording and final air date. Please stay tuned.

NBC is re-engaging the “Heroes” team, ordering 13 episodes of an event miniseries to air next year with series creator Tim Kring at the helm.

Please be advised that waves of unhappy memories with the original run may flood your dashboard if you’ve followed any old fans of the show which originally aired from 2006-2010.

Hurricane Time Leaves Many Civilians Mind-Wrecked

The birth of the new fandom- and a new ship- has left countless users in a strange state of both dysphoria and euphoria. With the release of “Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared- Time”, many a user have taken to making several high-quality fanart often depicting popular, humanized versions of Tony the Clock and the Notepad. However, one must take into account the horrific source material that spawned this beautiful hellbeast in the first place. Do NOT, under any circumstances, underestimate the sheer mind-fuckery this neophyte fandom is capable of. Meteorologists claim that in due time, coming to ship a clock and a notepad will be the least of Tumblr’s problems.

Those wishing to observe this phenomenon must proceed with caution before delving into the abyss.

Sherlock Finale - Incoming TEAR VORTEX

The final episode of season 3 of Sherlock is airing later today, on Sunday, the 12th of January. Mass hysteria and rains of fire are expected as soon as the episode is out. The public is advised to remain indoors at all costs. 

Tidal Wave of Emotion In Veronica Mars Fandom

Veronica Mars fandom just received an early spring present; an official Veronica Mars Movie trailer. The trailer debuted on E!News and E!Online last midnight, and the social media with news media are excited. 

The noir and mystery drama television show is finally released the theatrical trailer. Series creator Rob Thomas wrote the movie with Diane Ruggiero and served as director. “This project has been a labor of love for everyone involved—me, the cast, my producing partners,” Thomas said in a statement. “We are so grateful for the outpouring of support from the Kickstarter backers. This movie wouldn’t have happened without them.”

Twitter and Tumblr, particularly are buzzing with excitement and plenty of emotional posts, even from the news media. The show was cancelled abruptly seven years ago and had become a cult favorite ever since. After fans donated for the movie last year, the dream of a movie is coming true this year. Watch out for more analysis and posts about Veronica Mars.

Check out the drama mystery trailer HERE


Friendly Reminder Regarding Homestuck

It has been quite some time since Homestuck author Andrew Hussie began the Gigapause in order to work on finishing Homestuck and some of his other projects. One of which, Namco High, has already been released to the public. Because of this, and the start of the new year, tensions are rising in anticipation of the ever-encompassing GigaUpdate, which Hussie has, to the poster’s knowledge, not announced at which time will happen.

So we take this time to remind everyone on the Tumblrverse to prepare yourselves whenever this Internet-shattering event occurs. As previously stated, researchers say that since the GigaUpdate will end Homestuck as we know it, they predict that it will be a Level 10+ Feelstastrophe, so we would like to ask readers to please tag any and all spoilers in regards to the GigaUpdatein order to be kind to other readers who try to read it in the very possible case that the site crashes from traffic overload.

We would also like to advise those who don’t read Homestuck to batten down the hatches since when the GigaUpdate does occur, an overflow of Homestuck posts and feels will more than likely overtake their dashboards.